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Within our changing industry with all its complexity, deadlines and cost pressure, you as our business partner, should not concentrate on inefficient non-value-added processes. We analyse, plan, implement and coordinate efficient procuring, material flow, storage, packaging and transportation to support you with the most effective service and the best reliable information and tailor-made solutions. Our goal is to reduce the supply chain complexity and provide you with flexibility and efficiency for the value chain.

Aviatec Global Aviation Supply Chain Management Programs:

Ad-hoc business:We care for your daily demands

We guarantee a reply to your daily requests within a short period of time. For stock items you will have a response within less than 30 minutes during our office hours. We also support you in sourcing for hard to find articles. We are following a same day policy for shipments.

Special Kitting: We offer customised kits for your mission

Instead of ordering regularly 50 different articles you can use our kitting services. Based on your requirements (e.g. repair kits, sub-assembly kits, fasteners kits) we design bags, boxes or shadow boxes for different kind of materials. This will improve your productivity through placing purchase orders faster, reducing the number of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), leaving more time for your employees to be productive.

Consignment stock/vendor owned inventory (VOI): We guarantee complete vailibility

Based on a cooperative partnership we will analyse and discuss your particular business requirements and targets. Together we define and implement a pool of products to suit your needs with guaranteed availability of. At all times you manage and control the consignment stock level. Whether you stock your goods on-site at your facility or at our facility your company is paying at the time of usage. Through continuous review meetings we track the agreed business targets and adjust Service Level Agreements (SLA) and stock level if necessary.

Vendor managed inventory (VMI): We serve as your Materialstock

We also offer inventory services which let GLOBAL AVIATION & INDUSTRY SERVICES manage your material stock. This means Vendor Managed Inventory solutions. Based on the received information (real time, daily, weekly, etc.) we monitor your stock level with highest precision. We prevent out of stock situations by carefully observing all open orders, replenishment shipments, forecasts, maintenance schedules, stock levels, and consumption patterns.

For every business situation we will find a VMI solution which suits your requirements. Either you wish us to provide the necessary storage solutions (e.g. Kanban Systems) and do an on-site physically inventory level review or you use your own storage capabilities and send us periodically inventory levels. We take care that the replenishment order will be shipped on time. At your site you can choose if we do the physical restocking or we may leave it to your logistics organisation. Through continuous review meetings we track the agreed business targets and adjust Service Level Agreements (SLA) and stock level if necessary.

Outsourcing of Logistics: We provide perfect timing

As a worldwide operating distributor we know how to manage logistics operations. Based on a long term partnership GLOBAL AVIATION & INDUSTRY SERVICES offers your company to manage your warehouse operations as a Master Vendor Managed Inventory. We use space within your facility and run warehouse operations with our employees. All your company processes and quality requirement will be followed. We manage your inventory processes from the point of delivery and secure that the products will be delivered directly to the point of consumption (e.g. milk runs, counter service).


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