When availibilty needs reliability: Global Aviation & Industry Services

meets reliability:
Aviatec Global Aviation.


Customised solutions for maintenance.

To facilitate your aviation aftermarket business is our mission. Aviatec Global Aviation always offers full personal and material support to keep your active maintenance down time as short as possible. We are more than just a distributor of maintenance and spare parts requirements for aviation and its related industries – you order and we ensure – as your partner!

One-Stop-Shop: 24/7 availability.

We offer you first class maintenance service at competitive market prices. Discover 24/7 outstanding material availability for Chemicals & Consumables, Hardware, Raw Materials, Electrical parts and many other maintenance products. Benefit from full-order transparency including EDI transaction, by our sourcing and supply chain solutions as well as our consignment stocks or vendor owned/managed inventory solutions.

Quality all inclusive.

As an experienced team of specialists we combine the advantages of flexibility and reliability to guarantee dynamic delivery processes at any time. We listen to your needs, we anticipate your problems, we advise you on all material and service oppurtunities, we permanently control your delivery chain. We guarantee solutions to your needs when availability meets reliability.  Our material sources guarantee highest state of the art quality without exceptions. Whatever you are looking for, Aviatec Global Aviation provides – as your partner – the right answer.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Complete inventory management
  • Total supply chain management
  • Dangerous goods packaging
  • Special service and repair kit assembly
  • Customised shipping consolidation
  • Material specified documentation
  • Initial provisioning
  • Just in time material supply
  • Delivery of small quantities
  • Less transaction cost

The Extra-Plus-Guarantee:


Aviatec Global Aviation is more than just a distributor of maintenance and spare part demands for aviation and its related industries. We are a provider of intelligent and innovative logistics. Our supply chain solutions minimise time exposure, cost and effort in the aviation aftermarket.

  1. + By optimised logistics –
    we reduce delivery times
  2. + Thanks to innovative stockmanagement –
    we lower your storage costs
  3. + By an exceptional advisory –
    we cut down sourcing processes
  4. + By our one-stop-shop capability –
    we save your administration and transport costs

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